PPE Certification in Malaysia

What is PPE Certification Test?

Personal Protective Equipment:

Equipment or accessory which is specifically designed to use by an individual as protection against hazards, injuries and infections. The Personal Protective Equipment is shortly denoted as PPE. This equipment may be medical devices like gloves, gowns and masks or sporting equipment like helmets and knee pads.

High visibility clothing is also personal protective equipment. This clothing is one of the important accessories for workers in construction sites, etc. Also, this protective clothing helps wearers to prevent injuries. Employers should provide appropriate protective equipment for their employees. This certainly helps reduce injuries/accidents in the workplace.

IAS provides a very simple yet efficient PPE certification process to help your organization achieve PPE certification in a timely manner!

PPE Test:

PPE Certification test helps the product manufacturers of medical devices, protective clothing, and sporting equipment, etc., to comply with regulation 2016/425. This is a new version that specifies requirements to design and manufacture the PPE products. This regulation helps ensure your products met the applicable requirements of the directive. Also, satisfying the requirements of EU regulation 2016/425 helps manufacturers/suppliers/distributors to market their products in the European Market.

The PPE test assesses the PPE product in compliance with regulation 2016/425 and as well as the requirements of harmonized standards to ensure its safety and quality. The PPE Certification assures the Personal Protective Equipment satisfied the requirements of the EU regulation and safe to be sold in the European business market.

PPE Certification

Why do you need PPE Certification?

To ensure the safety and quality of PPE products, the manufacturer should conduct the PPE Test and achieve the PPE certification with help of the third-party testing and certification provider like IAS. This certification gives recognition for your products in the European business market. It also ensures your product complies with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (ESHR) in the 2016/425 regulation.

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We provide PPE Certification for the below PPE products

There are three different categories of PPE products. Category I include products that protect individuals from minimal risks such as sunglasses, gardening gloves, etc. Category II includes products such as High visibility clothing, spectacles and goggles, etc. This category contains PPE products that are not included in category I and Category II products. Category III consists of Products such as life vest, respiratory equipment, fall arrest equipment, chemical protective clothing, etc. This type of PPE products provides protection against critical risks.

IAS tests and certifies the medical devices including medical gown, gloves, face masks, N95 masks, face shield, eye protection, etc. We verify the effectiveness of the PPE products in compliance with relevant standards and as per the requirements of Regulation 2016/425. We also test and provide PPE Certification for Covid-19 protective equipment.

Protective clothing such as high-visibility clothing, medical gowns, welding clothing, heat and flame clothing needs to be tested to ensure their safe performance. These PPE products should meet the applicable safety regulations.

The PPE Certification also helps the manufacturers to satisfy the legal requirements. The two test standards used to evaluate the High visibility clothing i2016/425 regulation such as EN ISO 20471 and EN 1150. These standards include testing methods and requirements for protective clothing.

We also provide testing and certification services for protective gloves and footwear. Some of the standards included in the 2016/425 regulation for footwear are EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346, EN ISO 20347, etc. Our testing services help you to prove compliance with personal protective equipment. EN 420 and EN 388 provides requirements to verify the effectiveness of the protective gloves. In other words, the protective gloves should meet the specifications of EN 420 and EN 388 standards. Moreover, the PPE test ensures the PPE products are safe to use.

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IAS – PPE Test and Certification Services in Malaysia

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) provides PPE testing and Certification services against EU regulation 2016/425 in Malaysia with highly-skilled PPE experts. We offer PPE Certification service in Malaysia for a wide range of products as mentioned above.

We help the manufacturers to meet the guidelines of 2016/425. The testing also includes the evaluation of technical files and documents of testing reports. Also, IAS offers PPE certification services in various countries such as India, Singapore, Indonesia, and so on.

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