Kosher Certification

What is Kosher Certification in Malaysia?

Kosher- a word from Hebrew language that means fit, proper or correct. Nowadays, it is mostly used to describe food and drink that comply with Jewish religious dietary law.

Kosher in Hebrew word “Kasher” or “Kosher” means pure and suitable for human consumption. Kosher foods fall into various categories such as Parev, dairy and animal products or meat. Kosher certification are essential for foods to be proper and acceptable as per Jewish religious dietary law.

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Kosher Certification


All other foods such as fish eggs, fruit, juices, grains, coffee, soft drink, tea, snacks and vegetables are classified as Pareve. All foods must be processed in equipments designated to handle pareve foods only.

For a food to be kosher certified as Parev, Equipments used to process meat, dairy must never be used for processing pareve products. Eggs are considered to Kosher only if they are from Kosher bird and should not contain blood spots. Wine has a specific Kosher classification Where the ingredients used need to be Kosher.

Meat & Poultry

As instructed in the Bible, all animals and birds are not defined as kosher. Common animals that are defined as kosher that includes cow, goat and sheep. Common animals that is not kosher which include pig, horse, camel and rabbit. The same applies to birds. Most poultry is kosher which includes chicken, turkey, goose and duck.

In order for meat and poultry to be kosher there are some additional requirements defined in the Jewish Dietary law. These include slaughter of animals or poultries must be in accordance with Jewish law and removal of blood via salting or roasting. This must be done under the strict supervision. Retail products containing any animal or poultry derived ingredient are assumed to be non-kosher unless it is certified by a reputable kosher agency.

Fishes that have Scales and Fins that are easy to remove are considered as Kosher Fish.

Dairy Products

All foods that contain milk products must be derived from kosher animals and should not contain rennet or gelatin and should be processed in kosher certified utensils and equipments. Cheese products does not fall under general dairy products and it requires full time supervision to be defined a Kosher.

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