Green Certification in Malaysia

Green certification represents the environmental value of renewable energy generated in an Organization. Several countries use green certificates as a means to make the support of green electricity generation closer to a market economy instead of more practical investment support and feed-in tariffs.

The Green Product Certification system adopts the ‘Cradle to Grave’ approach for evaluation, on par with international Standards. The objective of Green Certification is to assess ‘How Green is a product, based on a holistic framework, and highlight the way forward to achieve excellence in environmental performance.

The certification system encourages the product manufacturers to apply Green measures in all phases of the product e.g. Product Design, Raw Materials, Manufacturing Process, Product Performance during use, and Recycling/Disposal. This Certification system Provides guidelines to the manufacturers to position their products as green and eco-friendly.

IAS provides a very simple yet efficient Green certification process to help your organization achieve Green Certification in a timely manner!

While the economy of a country grows there would be an increase in resource consumption and associated environmental impacts. To Fulfill these needs for environment-friendly Green Products and Services, IAS has launched the Green Product Certification.

Why Green Product Certification?

  • Facilitate green building projects
  • Rate products and equipment on the extent of greenness
  • Help Manufacturers reach out to environmentally conscious customers

Benefits of Green Certification

  • Sustainable use of resources that improves the acceptability of products in the global market
  • Long-term benefits to mitigating the climate change
  • Increases the health and safety of your customers, particularly those most affected by product choices, such as school children, service staff, and the elderly person
  • Demonstrates that environmentally responsible products and services can meet or exceed performance and quality expectations
  • Access to new customers and high-value niche markets
  • Increases customer loyalty among your core customers
  • Boosts your profitability and enhances your brand
  • Supports inclusion of the certified products to complement National & International Green Building Rating systems
  • Easier to convince Green building architects, developers, Corporate, and consultants
  • Enhances the market reach with credible and precise information on the Green features
  • Enables Green Product Innovation
  • Be a Potentially Carbon Neutral Organization.
  • Enables the innovation of Green Product
  • The company will be entitled to use the e Green logo in all their promotional activities for certified products
  • Helps in achieving National and International Green Building Certification
  • Eliminates time and effort in carrying out due diligence for selecting green products
  • Assures environmental performance of the products and equipment
  • Ensures Toxic and Carcinogen free products.

Once you successfully achieve Green certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our Green certification search Page!

Green Certification

Life Cycle Approach

Green Certification adopts an approach based on the ‘Life Cycle’ of the product. The life cycle approach for certifying a product is right from the raw material extraction to the end of the useful life of the product considered While Certifying.

The certification system of GREEN ensures that the product manufacturers implement measures that would result in environmental, health, and well-being benefits at the following stages of the life cycle of the products.

  • Product Design
  • Raw materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Product Performance during use
  • Disposal / Recycling

Green Certification by IAS

Green Certification

Green Products, Green Equipments, Technologies, and Services will have wider demand in the global market in the future. IAS audit and provide Green Certification in Malaysia

Pursuing Green certification is a way of approaching environment-friendly products and processes. Most product and equipment manufacturers have realized the need for becoming Greener and more environments friendly.

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