HALAL Certification

HALAL Certification in Malaysia

HALAL certification is for food products. This certification means that the product and its production methods (including raw materials, ingredients, processing equipments, other handling equipments used in the process of manufacturing  ) adheres to the Islamic law (Shariah Law) requirements.

All type of food handlers like hotels, restaurants, food processing units, medicine manufacturers, supplementary food manufacturers, meat suppliers, Poultry suppliers, Exporters & Importers of food items etc. is eligible for this standard.

Hoe Do I Get HALAL Certificate?

Inform IAS through the IAS application form with all product related information and the processing methods. IAS will guide you to implement the HALAL requirements (if required). Upon completion, IAS will visit your organisation’s production facility to confirm the raw materials, ingredients, products, procedures followed, packing and delivery and report is made by the auditor.

The report is further reviewed by the technical committee and the decision is for certification.

Halal Certification

How much does it cost?

The cost of certificate depends on the number of products being certified, location of the facilities, complexity of the product, user requirements etc., Do not hesitate to contact IAS to avail the cost of HALAL certification.

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