FDA Certification

Why FDA Certification Malaysia?

All facilities that manufacture, repack, or re-label drugs, medical devices, foods and beverages, food color additives, and dietary supplements should register with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to sell their products in the United States. Registering with FDA is important for the manufacturers within US as well as foreign establishments. The FDA Certification announces that your organization is registered with FDA. But it does not prove that your company or products approved by FDA.

FDA is a federal agency in the US (United States), protects the public health by ensuring the safety of food and drug products. It provides approval for new drug products and as well as critical medical devices to enter the US market. FDA follows effective steps to approve an organization that manufactures drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, etc.

FDA Certification in Malaysia for Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Medical Devices

Registering with FDA is important for the manufacturers of drugs and medical devices. But the FDA registration number is not a major requirement to sell your products in the US. This is a unique identification number that helps to recognize the FDA registered organizations. FDA certification is important for drug manufacturers and exporters, drug product manufacturers, Pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and suppliers, Biologicals, analytical test facilities and medicated cosmetics manufacturers and exporters. IAS helps the manufacturers of drugs and medical devices to register with FDA and as well as comply with FDA regulations.

IAS provides a very simple yet efficient FDA certification process to help your organization achieve FDA certification in a timely manner!

How to Get FDA Registration online for food facilities?

IAS is a leading certification body that provides product certification for a variety of standards. FDA Certification is a must for food facilities. FDA’s unique registration number is 11 digit code which denotes that the product manufacturer is registered with food and drug administration. This number is a necessary requirement for the food manufacturers to export their products to US. Also, this registration is a mandatory requirement for the food manufacturers in the US Market.

FDA does not approve products or organizations. Also, the registration is for food manufacturers, not for the products. IAS provides FDA certification services for the manufacturers of:

  • Human and animal food
  • Food supplements
  • Food ingredients

FDA Certification

What is VCRP?

VCRP stands for Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program. FDA certification is not a mandatory requirement for the manufacturers of cosmetics products. But the cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners can register with FDA voluntarily.

Process for FDA Certification in Malaysia

The requirement for FDA Certification is different from one manufacturer to another.

  • Fill out our application form online and send it to IAS.
  • You can also call us to discuss about the process for FDA Certification in Malaysia specific to your organization.
  • Our experts will provide complete guidance for you to register with the FDA successfully.
  • The FDA registration certificate that we offer is valid and globally accepted.
  • The validity of this FDA certificate is two years for food facilities.
  • Renewing the registration before the expiry date of initial FDA registration is important to comply with FDA regulations. IAS also helps you with the renewal of the FDA Registration.

Once you successfully achieve FDA Certification through IAS, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our FDA Certificate Search Page!

IAS and its Services for FDA Certification in Malaysia

Register your organization with FDA by partnering with IAS in Malaysia. We offer FDA Certification in Malaysia and also various countries across the globe. We support the manufacturers of foods, dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, drugs, vaccines, food color additives, etc., to register with the United States food and drug administration. Moreover, we help organizations in Malaysia to meet the specific requirements of FDA regulation in the process of FDA registration.

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