ISO 20000 Certification


The requirements are applicable to any organization that provides services primarily for the purpose of contributing to its own operational processes, or to other organizations. This includes consultancy organizations, network operators, utilities, manufacturers, and virtually any other organization which provides services.

Organizations get ISO 20000 certification for their IT Service Management system to demonstrate their assurance to deliver the services in a quality manner to the customers and stakeholders.

ISO 20000 Certification is carried out by IAS as a third party on your systems covering management process, resource, service level agreement, emergency preparedness, customer-related process, Internal audit, management review, and continual improvement.

ISO 20000 Certification is Available as Follows:

ISO Information Technology Management System Certification

ISO Information technology management system defines specifications that a service provider needs to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve a service management system. Customers can use ISO information technology management systems standards as guidelines for implementing service management practices in their organizations.

ISO Information Technology Management System Certification is carried out by an independent party as a third party on your system covering the following areas:

  • Scope and applicability of information technology management systems;
  • General requirements;
  • Planning and implementation;
  • The operation, monitoring, and measurement;
  • Improvement

ISO 20000 Certification in Malaysia

IAS is one of the globally recognized ISO Certification Bodies in Malaysia. IAS conducts auditing and provides ISO 20000 certification in Malaysia for various standards in Malaysia. It also delivers ISO 20000 Internal Auditor Training and ISO 20000 Awareness/Foundation Training in Malaysia. All these certification and Training services by IAS for the country are managed from its office in provides including Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan and covering all the major cities like Selangor, Terengganu, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Melaka, Pulau Pinang, Perlis, Sabah, and Sarawak.

Benefits ISO 20000 Certification

  • Provide competitive differentiation by demonstrating reliability and high quality of service.
  • Gives access to key markets, like many organizations in the public sector mandate that their IT service providers demonstrate compliance with ISO 20000.
  • Provides guarantee to clients that their service requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Enforces a measurable level of effectiveness and a culture of continual improvement by enabling service providers to monitor measure and evaluate their service management processes and services.
  • Helps in influencing ITIL practices to optimize resources and processes.
  • Improved relationships between different departments by means of better definition and more clarity in terms of responsibility and goals.
  • Formation of a stable structure for both resource training and service management automation

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ISO 20000 Certification

Process to Obtain ISO 20000 Certification

  • Contact IAS by sending the Application Form and call us for a discussion we are here to guide you in obtaining ISO 20000 certification.
  • Make your Organization ready for ISO 20000 certification by implementing and practicing the standard, monitored, and continually improving.
  • Majorly, the ISO 20000 certification process includes 2 stages:
      1. Stage1 Audit: Readiness Audit
      2. Stage2 Audit: Verifying the Effectiveness of the System
  • The organization applying for ISO 20000 certification will be audited based on an extensive sample of its sites, services, process, products & functions.
  • Any significant changes are noted during the audit, and a deviation report will be provided. The time required for IAS to close any nonconformity is determined by the grading of the deviations, including as well as the correction and corrective actions that must be authorized by IAS. The ISO 20000 Certificate is issued, after the effective closure of Nonconformity.

ISO 20000 Certification: Expectations, Implementation, and Verification

ISO 20000 Certification sets clear expectations for the implementation and verification of IT Service Management (ITSM) within an organization. This international standard outlines specific criteria and best practices for achieving excellence in ITSM. Here’s a breakdown of what ISO 20000 Certification expects during implementation and verification:

  • Clear Implementation of ITSM Processes: ISO 20000 Certification expects organizations to establish, document, and effectively implement ITSM processes. This includes defining procedures for service delivery, incident management, problem resolution, change management, and more. The standard emphasizes that these processes should be aligned with the organization’s business objectives.
  • Service Level Management: Organizations seeking ISO 20000 Certification must demonstrate robust service level management practices. This involves defining and maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with customers, monitoring service performance, and continually improving service delivery to meet agreed-upon service levels.
  • Service Continuity and Availability: ISO 20000 Certification places a significant emphasis on ensuring service continuity and availability. Organizations are expected to establish and maintain business continuity plans, disaster recovery processes, and risk management strategies to minimize disruptions to IT services.
  • Capacity and Performance: The standard requires organizations to effectively manage the capacity and performance of IT services. This includes capacity planning, performance monitoring, and optimization to ensure that IT resources meet performance expectations.
  • Change Management: ISO 20000 Certification expects organizations to have well-defined change management practices. This involves assessing and controlling changes to IT services, ensuring that changes are documented, tested, and approved before implementation.
  • Incident and Problem Management: Effective handling of incidents and problems is crucial. ISO 20000 Certification mandates that organizations establish processes for timely incident resolution, problem identification, and proactive prevention of recurring issues.
  • Service Reporting and Measurement: Organizations should have mechanisms for reporting and measuring the performance and effectiveness of IT services. Data collection and analysis support decision-making and drive continual improvement efforts.
  • Supplier Management: ISO 20000 Certification requires organizations to manage relationships with external suppliers and service providers effectively. It ensures that these suppliers adhere to agreed-upon service levels and quality standards.
  • Compliance and Governance: A governance framework for ITSM, including roles, responsibilities, policies, and processes, must be established. ISO 20000 Certification also expects organizations to comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to IT services.
  • Continual Improvement: A culture of continual improvement is vital. ISO 20000 Certification encourages organizations to monitor, measure, and evaluate service performance continually. Corrective and preventive actions should be implemented to enhance IT service delivery.
  • Documentation and Records Management: ISO 20000 Certification necessitates maintaining proper documentation and records related to ITSM processes, procedures, and service performance. This documentation is essential for effective management and auditing.

ISO 20000 Certification is a rigorous process that verifies an organization’s commitment to delivering high-quality IT services and managing ITSM processes efficiently. During the certification process, external auditors evaluate an organization’s implementation of ITSM against the requirements of ISO 20000. Achieving certification demonstrates that an organization complies with these expectations and operates at a high standard in the realm of ITSM.

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